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Dave Windle

Dave Windle

Dave Windle was born in the Medway Towns, Kent. His first introduction to the Guitar was when his pal, Johnny Young, bought one and, with four other lads, they formed  Johnny Young and the Youngsters and became part of the Skiffle Craze. The group won many local competitions and were finalists in a competition run by Radio Luxembourg. The group also went on to become one of Carroll Levis' discoveries, appearing on his 1958 Christmas Show on ATV.

In those days Britain still had conscription and eventually the group folded. Johnny Young was an apprentice  brick layer and thus avoided the call up. He went on to form the Jonny Young Four, who, for some 9 years, had a young Guitarist from Essex as their lead - Pete Willsher.

For Dave it was the end of his band experience. He joined the Merchant Navy (we had one in those days) and, eventually, settled down to everyday life. Strangely, his work brought him and his family to Essex to live. Whilst working in schools ( in the s.e. Essex area) he served, for 13 years on the Rochford Bench. 

After 30 years working in local schools, (27 years of which were at  Wyburns Primary School)  Dave retired and decided, having strummed along for all those years, to learn to play the Guitar properly. So it was that he met up with Pete, who had moved back to the area 5 years before.

It was a natural move that Dave, with his knowledge of IT, Design and local schools, and Pete with his brilliant musical talent, should attempt to give something back to the community by forming WILLWIN, to take the story of the Guitar to the children through their schools.

The Jonny Young Four